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What is MSM? 

MSM, commonly known as Organic Sulfur, is a sulfur containing compound found in foods. While it's considered a normal part of our diets, it's often found in low quantity in naturally occurring foods. For that reason, dietary supplementation of this product is common. Follow the links below to see our products or read the FAQs below:

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Questions regarding MSM Organic Sulfur

It's a very exciting time in the research of MSM Organic Sulfur. Studies continue to be published frequently on the benefits of MSM Organic Sulfur dietary supplementation. Some of the most exciting benefits to be published include: 

-Support and Maximization of Joint Health

-Optimization of Appearance (Improved Hair, Nail, and Skin Quality)

-Support of Immune System Health and Improved Energy Levels

-Seasonal Allergy Relief

-Maximized Mobility and Function (usually as a result of reduced pain)

Learn more about the benefits of MSM Organic Sulfur. 

MSM is commonly referred to as a bioavailable source of sulfur. As a compound, MSM is 34% sulfur by weight. Furthermore, it is commonly thought that sulfur donation is one of the primary mechanisms by which this product acts on the body. 

In science, there is a whole subject of study called, "Organic Chemistry." It's the study of compounds containing a carbon molecule. MSM contains a carbon and sulfur molecule, leading it to commonly be referred to as "Organic Sulfur." 

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In nature, MSM Organic Sulfur occurs in many foods (think eggs, milk and tomatoes), but in very insignificant amounts; limiting our ability to intake a substantial amount of sulfur naturally. Additionally, research has found that the sulfate reserve in humans is among the smallest of animal species and may be depleted by a low protein diet and intake of acetaminophen (also called Tylenol©). Thus, to achieve the adequate levels of concentrated sulfur needed to increase the likelihood of experiencing enhanced health benefits, MSM Organic Sulfur is produced using commercial methods to create an identical match to that of MSM Organic Sulfur found in nature.

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Questions about our MSM Organic Sulfur Products

Absolutely, we recommend grinding the crystals in a blender or with a mortar and pestle.

Learn how to make a MSM cream or MSM lotion. 

It can be. We know that some individuals can taste bitterness to a greater extent than others. Some of our customers prefer our capsuled product to avoid the taste if it’s unpleasant to them.

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Learn more about how to mask the bitterness of MSM. 

As naturally occurring levels of MSM Organic Sulfur are frequently too low, the goal of supplementation is to reach optimum levels within our bodies. Both our powder and capsule products can help with this, depending on personal preference of intake. 

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1 level teaspoon of our MSM Organic Sulfur weights approximately 4 grams. 

Our MSM Organic Sulfur is manufactured using a chemical synthesis process of reacting two raw materials, dimethyl sulfoxide and hydrogen peroxide. This reaction forms a new molecule: Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM. After reaction, a purification process is needed to remove any impurities and remove the water byproduct. Distillation is the favored process, and the process we use, for producing high purity MSM. During this process, heat is used to separate compounds by their unique boiling points. The distillation of MSM results in a very pure product (99.9% pure MSM Organic Sulfur). This product has been proven to be safe and effective.

Learn more about the manufacturing process. 

We use a quadruple distillation method to attain a 99.9% pure product. This method allows for the highest purity levels. 

Learn more about our manufacturing process. 

We're proud to offer a product that is manufactured in the USA. We primarily source our raw manufacturing materials from within the USA as well. Periodically, when required, we do source some materials from Japan if they're not currently available from within the USA. None of our MSM dietary supplement is manufactured in China. 

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No, our product is gluten-free. Furthermore, it’s also non-GMO, vegan, and non-shellfish derived. It’s also Kosher and Halal certified.

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There have not been any published interactions, but we recommend you ask your primary healthcare provider or pharmacist before use if that is a concern of yours.

Most studies investigating the effects of this product have unfortunately tracked outcomes after several weeks, and up to months, after starting supplementation. However, one study has shown that those using this product could show meaningful change in as early as 2 weeks. In our personal experiences from using this product, and from the anecdotal feedback from customers, it seems that a lot of individuals will start to notice benefits 1-2 weeks after starting to use our MSM Organic Sulfur. However, it should be noted that it may take a longer or shorter timeframe depending on the person (due to factors such as size and genetics), dosage size, and the specific benefit users are wishing to achieve (it may, for example, take longer to achieve skin, hair, or nail benefits due to the slow growth associated with each). 

No, they do not. We prefer to only offer pure products.

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We do have customers who use it in their shampoo. Furthermore, we do offer a foot soak with this product in it because people like its effect on skin.

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Most studies recommend up to 6 grams per day in multiple doses. Based on this, and the fact that we know MSM is quickly absorbed, we suggest that individuals divide their supplementation up into multiple, well-spaced doses. Our customers find that early morning and early to mid-afternoon work well. Some individuals have noted increased energy levels, and as a result, interference with a sleep schedule. Due to this, we recommend that individuals avoid taking MSM too close to planned sleeping hours.  

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Often, people choose to dissolve No Boundaries Health and Wellness MSM Organic Sulfur in about 2-4oz of water and drink it quickly due to the bitterness. Others use additives such as lime, juice, salt, coffee, tea, or a larger amount of water.

Please take a look at our quick instruction pamphlet.

This response is multilayered. The most uncomplicated reason No Boundaries Health and Wellness MSM Organic Sulfur does not have the USDA Organic Seal is because supplements are not certified or approved by the USDA. Supplements, by law, are regulated by the FDA and not the USDA. Our product, however, has achieved the FDA GRAS-designation. Furthermore it is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and non-shellfish derived making it allergen-free. However, to dive deeper into the question about the "organic" labeling, one must talk chemistry (deep breath!). In chemistry, any carbon-containing molecule is "organic." In fact, there's a whole division called "Organic Chemistry (and it's a hard subject if you're taking classes)." Our product does contain a carbon molecule and is also a source of biological sulfur, leading it to commonly being called "Organic Sulfur."

Commercially available MSM products are the result of a chemical reaction; they do not come from wood, plants or fossil fuels like oil. It is not possible to withdraw MSM from a tree, plants or fossil fuels. There are some companies who have used such topics as a marketing strategy, but those statements simply aren’t true. You should also question the safety of such products lending to such claims. Our product has been proven to be safe and effective, and you can learn more about how is is made by visiting our manufacturing page.

No. MSM Organic Sulfur is not the mined mineral sulfur. MSM Organic Sulfur is an organosulfur compound (or a molecule that contains sulfur) found in plants, animals, and humans. Our supplement is produced in a FDA regulated laboratory to match the same purity as the compound found in nature. It is commonly used for chronic pain, joint pains like arthritis, skin care, energy production, and many other benefits.

They are equally bioavailable. Our crystals are made in a prilling chamber during manufacturing to allow for ease with handling. When crushed, they turn into a powder. Both will dissolve in water for supplementation.

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