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How to mask the bitterness of MSM Organic Sulfur

September 30, 2016 2 min read 3 Comments

How to mask the bitterness of MSM Organic Sulfur

For those of us who routinely use MSM Organic Sulfur, the bitterness is something that we've been able to overcome and accept as simply a part of the process to reap the benefits of supplementation. 

However, often times new users are unaccustomed to the bitter taste first experienced when starting MSM Organic Sulfur supplementation. Ultimately, many users will persevere and continue usage as a routine part of their day. There are, however, some users that just can't get over the flavor. For that reason, we'd like to share some of the common methods our customers use to mask the bitterness. 

Outside of our starting recommendations, the most commonly used method is to simply mix our MSM Organic Sulfur product with citrus fruit juice such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, or lime juice (to name a few). Others recommend coffee, honey, or milk as well. One mixture that seems to also work well is simply adding a pinch of salt into combination. A final attempt would include soda, although we don't recommend large quantities of soda at anytime of the day. 

What to use to mask the flavor of MSM Organic Sulfur

Other customers recommend varying the amount of water during the mixing process. Some like a small amount to allow for quick swallowing, yet others prefer large amounts in an attempt to dilute the bitterness. 

We do not recommend ever mixing this product with alcoholic beverages. 

Our most common recommendation to users is to experiment with multiple intake methods to find what works best for them. After all, every individual is different in their size, tastes, and so much more. It should be noted, however, that usually customers are quickly able to develop a tolerance for the bitterness of this product. Especially after noticing the benefits of supplementation. 

One final recommendation would be to attempt to swish the MSM Organic Sulfur mixture around your mouth before swallowing. This can increase sublingual absorption, or direct diffusion into the blood vessels below the tongue.  

3 Responses

Donna Ramsey
Donna Ramsey

July 22, 2019

Have been taking MSM for awhile now and have had great results. I find mixing the crystals with Kifir is a great way to take mine twice a day. Get probiotic while I’m at it!

No Boundaries Health and Wellness, LLC
No Boundaries Health and Wellness, LLC

July 26, 2017

Hi Mel,

That’s a loaded question for sure! The easiest answer is that they can all be good, but it depends on the purity. Ultimately all of the terms that you’ve provided are used in different parts of the country to describe similar items. At the end of the day, what you want to know is what’s the purity of the product? Ours is 99.9% pure and that’s as clean as it comes. The purification process helps to ensure that the final product is top notch. You’ll want to look for products that have undergone purification via distillation.

Thanks for your question!

mel rozakis
mel rozakis

July 15, 2017


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