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Taking MSM Before Bed | MSM Energy | Organic Sulfur Benefits

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Taking MSM Before Bed | MSM Energy | Organic Sulfur Benefits

Periodically we have customers ask us what time of the day they should take their Organic Sulfur, also known as MSM crystals. 

We frequently suggest that users take their dosage in the mornings with breakfast. However, we also realize that some individuals like to break their supplementation up into 2-3 doses throughout the day. While this is fine, we encourage those customers to try to have their last dose in well before evening.

Why is that? Well, one of the most frequent symptoms our customers describe is that of increased energy levels. 

Taking MSM Before Bed

No one wants to toss and turn all night because they can't fall asleep. An additional boost in energy levels directly before bed can cause exactly this. Studies of MSM Crystals have shown that this product is rapidly absorbed into the body in under an hour. Avoiding use right before sleep can potentially improve sleep quality.

MSM Energy - Increase your energy levels with Organic Sulfur

MSM Energy 

Scientists are still researching the exact methods by which Organic Sulfur works within our bodies. However, they've identified some very interesting mechanisms of action that occur with supplementation of MSM crystals. 

Organic Sulfur's small particle size has the ability to easily penetrate throughout our body's cellular membranes allowing it to operate over a multitude of methods. However, studies indicate that this product seems to work at the transcriptional and subcellular levels, potentially both directly and indirectly on inflammation and oxidative stress. While these specific micro level influences are still being investigated, the larger daily results are more readily tracked. 

For example, one study investigating the effects of supplementing with 3 grams of this product for seasonal allergies symptoms, was able to identify a clear increase in energy levels of their subjects during supplementation. 

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Other Organic Sulfur Benefits

While an increase in energy levels is certainly an exciting and frequently discussed effect of MSM crystals, it's not the only benefit achieved! To learn more about the benefits of supplementing with this product, please visit our Organic Sulfur Benefits page.

Graphic for Organic Sulfur Benefits

NBH&W Admin
NBH&W Admin

No Boundaries Health and Wellness started with two passionate doctors of physical therapy. Using their knowledge of science, and harnessing their passion to positively impact their patients' health and wellness journeys, they created the foundation of our company. Years later, No Boundaries Health and Wellness continues their focus on providing proven MSM Organic Sulfur products, and valuable wellness information our customers can benefit from. Thank you, for letting us join you on your health and wellness journey!

2 Responses

No Boundaries Health and Wellness
No Boundaries Health and Wellness

February 26, 2022

Hi Mila! To the best of our knowledge, this specific question hasn’t been investigated via research. However, we think it unlikely that topical application of this product would increase your energy levels.

Mila Vrabec
Mila Vrabec

February 26, 2022

does it apply to lotion ? My hip hurts or is noticeable especially at night = deprivation of sleep – therefore I need to use it at night? does topical application boost the energy as well? thank you 🙏

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