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February 26, 2016


The Oscar Winner Who Credited MSM Organic Sulfur

In 1990, James Coburn was awarded "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" for his performance in the move Affliction. After the awards ceremony, Mr. Coburn was participating in an interview when he credited MSM Organic Sulfur as a part of the routine that "cured" his Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

It has been often reported that Mr. Coburn was unable to work as an actor much in the 1980's as a result of his Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms, but after using MSM Organic Sulfur, he was able to return to the big screen and win his Oscar!  

MSM Organic Sulfur has been found to decrease joint pain by 33%

We routinely hear of the positive impact our MSM Organic Sulfur has on our customers and appreciate the comments of Mr. Coburn to draw attention to such an amazing product. It is our hope that through more people continue to notice the advanced benefits that MSM Organic Sulfur can offer while being very safe to utilize.  

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February 21, 2016


How To Take MSM Organic Sulfur

One study published in the journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage recommends starting with 1.5 grams of Pure MSM Organic Sulfur  supplementation per day and then increasing up to 6 grams per day in divided doses.  

No Boundaries Health and Wellness has created a quick guide to help you ensure that you're meeting these recommendations. 

Download this printable image for reference on taking our MSM Organic Sulfur.

For reference, one flat teaspoon of MSM Organic Sulfur from No Boundaries Health and Wellness weighs 2 grams.  



February 01, 2016


A Single Dose of MSM Organic Sulfur May Decrease Damage Causing Free Radicals

A 2013 study evaluated the effects of a single dose of MSM Organic Sulfur on several tests that are used to measure oxidative stress (jargon for the development of free radicals and the ability of the human body to utilize antioxidants to counter their harmful effects).

This study started by drawing participants blood before drinking either Pure MSM Organic Sulfur Crystals mixed in water, or purely water as a placebo. Subjects then ran for 45 minutes. To purposefully increase oxidative stress, the final speed of the treadmill was increased every 2 minutes until exhaustion. Blood tests were again performed at 2 and 24 hours post exercise. 

The results were pretty outstanding. A single dose of oral supplementation with MSM Organic Sulfur Crystals seemed to increase the total anti-oxidant capacity of the body as seen by improvements in several of the blood results. The authors seem to suggest that MSM Organic Sulfur should be utilized by those who are active to decrease prolonged storage of damaging free radicals. 

These results add to the ever-mounting evidence of the benefit of MSM Organic Sulfur to the human body. 



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January 17, 2016


Study Finds MSM Organic Sulfur May Help Contain Breast Cancer.

A new study set to be published in the International Journal of Oncology recommends using MSM Organic Sulfur as an inhibitor in the management of HER2-positive breast cancers. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women globally., a nonprofit organization which provides relevant information and support for individuals battling breast cancer, has the following to say about cancers with a positive human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2):

"Breast cancers with HER2 gene amplification or HER2 protein overexpression are called HER2-positive in the pathology report. HER2-positive breast cancers tend to grow faster and are more likely to spread and come back compared to HER2-negative breast cancers."  

In the study, researchers examined how MSM Organic Sulfur affected breast cancer cell lines and gene expression. They did note a dose-dependent relationship. 

While MSM Organic Sulfur should not be considered the main treatment option in breast cancer, according to this study, it could be a adjunct treatment used to increase favorable outcomes.  

The study abstract can be found here:

This study continues to build on the foundation of other studies that have shown that MSM Organic Sulfur may have a place in helping to treat cancers. 

 MSM Organic Sulfur From No Boundaries Health and Wellness

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Be sure to share this information with those who could benefit from the benefits of this product! 

January 04, 2016


MSM Organic Sulfur for your Joint Pain and Stiffness

A 2014 study published in the International Journal of Orthopedics provides research suggesting that MSM Organic Sulfur can be used to decrease joint pain and stiffness. In this study, the patients took 3 grams (1.5 tablespoons) of MSM Organic Sulfur, twice per day for a total of 6 grams (3 tablespoons) everyday. They continued this routine for 26 weeks (half a year). The control group during the same time period noticed NO change in their pain and stiffness, showing a statistically significant difference between those who utilized MSM Organic Sulfur and those who did not. Furthermore, the drop in both pain and stiffness are clinically meaningful changes. 


Improvements seen in joint pain by taking MSM Organic Sulfur

Figure 1: Patients who utilized MSM Organic Sulfur for the 26 weeks noticed a meaningful drop in their pain. Those patients who did not take MSM Organic Sulfur during the same 26 weeks had no change whatsoever in their pain. 

Improvements seen in joint stiffness by taking MSM Organic Sulfur

Figure 2: Patients who utilized MSM Organic Sulfur for the 26 weeks noticed a meaningful drop in their stiffness. Those patients who did not take MSM Organic Sulfur during the same 26 weeks had no change whatsoever in their stiffness. 


These results suggest that MSM Organic Sulfur can make a meaningful impact on your pain and stiffness if 6 grams (3 tablespoons) per day is taken for at least 26 weeks (half a year). In addition, MSM Organic Sulfur has been proven to be safe to take. 

MSM Organic Sulfur can decrease your joint pain

No Boundaries Health and Wellness is very proud to offer the purest MSM Organic Sulfur product in the world. Our premium product has been historically proven time and time again by those who use it. Many of our users are using it in conjunction with glucosamine and chondroitin, two other common joint supplements. 

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December 16, 2015


Get a "Leg Up" on Cognitive Decline with Leg Strengthening

Increased Leg Power Associated With Slower Cognitive Aging in Women

A new study that found "a striking protective relationship" between aging women's leg power and cognitive changes over 12 years. This could prove very important in women who are looking to protect themselves against cognitive decline as they age. 

The study's researchers analyzed leg muscular power and cognitive performance in healthy female twins, then again in 12 years. They found that the women who had increased leg power at initial testing scored better on tests of brain processing speed and visual memory 12 years later than the women with lower leg power during the first testing. Furthermore, MRI imaging of the participants showed larger gray matter volume in the group with stronger leg musculature during the 12 year follow up. 

By using twins, the authors believe that they were able to show a stronger correlation as they had similar genetic traits and environmental influences.  They claim that this is the first study "linking a power of large leg muscular response to brain changes."

In conclusion, stay strong and active! 

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November 26, 2015


No Boundaries Health and Wellness Posture Tips

Posture Improvements to Minimize Strain

Good vs Bad Postures

Posture is often overlooked on a daily basis, but neglecting it can cost you greatly in the form of health decline. In today's age, we are constantly exposed to situations that can be detrimental to our posture. For example, prolonged computer use, smart phone use, or even reading a book in a hunched position can be enough to trigger injury. If you think about your daily activities, you'll notice most people spend much greater time hunched forward or pushing items away from our bodies. It's common to notice weakness and poor function of the musculature in the midback. These issues are commonly a root cause for an abundance of injuries. 

Poor Posture Can Commonly Cause These Problems

Ideal Standing Alignment: When viewing yourself from the side, imagine a vertical line just in front of the ankle joint that:

  1. Equally divides your ear into two halves,
  2. Halves the shoulder joint, 
  3. Travels through the vertebrae of your low back, 
  4. Bisects the bone on the outside of your hip (greater trochanter of the femur),
  5. Runs just behind the middle of the knee joint,
  6. Finishes just in front of the ankle joint. 

Here are some additional quick tips for proper posture while sitting and standing:

While Sitting:

  • Press your back against the chair you're sitting in (if it has one). A small towel roll or cushion can be used to support your lower back by being placed in the curve just above your pelvis.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and not shrugged in elevation or rounded forward.
  • Keep your neck and upper back straight with a slight nod of your chin forward.  
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and if possible, adjust the height of your chair so your knees are level with your hips. 

While Standing:

  • Puff your chest slightly, but keep your shoulders relaxed and not shrugged in elevation or rounded forward.
  • Keep your head up and look out ahead (forward).
  • Make sure your feet are equally spaced and your weight is equally distributed between both. It's common to see people lean a majority of their weight to one side when standing. It's also common to see people rotate one leg outward while doing this (point toe out at angle from body). 

Be watching for our recommended exercise suggestions in an upcoming blog post and don't forget to check out our premium MSM Organic Sulfur to help support your overall health! Learn more about MSM Organic Sulfur. 

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November 11, 2015


October 31, 2015


Happy Halloween from No Boundaries Health and Wellness!

Happy Halloween from your friends at No Boundaries Health and Wellness! Be safe tonight and have fun! 
Happy Halloween from No Boundaries Health and Wellness
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October 23, 2015


Let MSM Organic Sulfur help you recover from exercise... FASTER!

Did you know that extended exercise periods can generate high levels of free radicals, potentially causing damaging disruptions to a living cell? The resulting oxidative stress level could result in high fatigue and therefore reduced performance.  Sulfur is vital to the synthesis of glutathione, one of the body's most important antioxidants. Glutathione serves critical purposes to the body, including: neutralizing free radicals, enhancing our immune system, and detoxifying the liver. Studies have shown that MSM Organic Sulfur may help to improve recovery and even improve performance. After all, quicker recovery can lead to quicker gains! Individuals using MSM Organic Sulfur have reported less muscular soreness post exercise, and have displayed increase anti-inflammatory markers within their bodies. The results speak for themselves: less fatigue and downtime equals greater gains and more time training at beneficial workloads. In other words: IMPROVING!

Our 99.9% pure product is the first step in speeding recovery and enhancing your training time. We all know that time is one of the biggest restraints to living a healthy lifestyle. Let No Boundaries Health and Wellness MSM Organic Sulfur help you spend your precious training time working at rewarding and gainful levels.

No Boundaries Health and Wellness MSM Organic Sulfur Crystals


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