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MSM for Allergies: How MSM Can Improve Allergy Symptoms

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MSM for Allergies: How MSM Can Improve Allergy Symptoms

MSM for Allergies

Background on Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever): 

Allergic Rhinitis, more commonly known as hay fever or nasal allergy, is a very common ailment that occurs when an allergen in the air triggers inflammation of the nasal mucosa. This can be described as an overreaction of our body’s immune system. Typically the triggering agent is something like pollen, dust, mites, mold or animal dander. The most common resulting symptoms that individuals experience often include itchy red eyes; sneezing; and a collection of symptoms known as rhinorrhea (blocked, itching, and runny nose). Furthermore, additional symptoms that those suffering from allergic rhinitis can experience include headaches, facial and/or ear pain, snoring and additional sleep disturbances, and an itchy throat requiring frequent throat clearing. As you can see, these symptoms can dramatically affect an individual's day to day experiences. Unfortunately, this condition is very prevalent with studies estimating 10% - 30% of the United States population (32 - 98 million people) experiencing it. Allergic rhinitis has also been linked to additional inflammatory disorders such as asthma. Studies have previously shown that about 80% of asthmatic patients have allergies and 40% of individuals with allergies have asthma. Those experiencing seasonal allergies are affected most in the spring, summer, and early fall.  

MSM Information: 

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur containing compound found in nature that is used both orally and topically as a supplement to health. MSM benefits have been studied and found for a wide array of conditions including joint support; the nurturing of skin, hair, and nails; as well as immune system assistance. You can read more about these MSM benefits by clicking here. There have been some introductory studies into the use of MSM for those experiencing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. A new study has provided strengthening evidence for this practice.

Review of the new study: 

This new study, evaluated the results of using MSM powder supplementation as a low-risk strategy to counter the symptoms of allergies. Study participants with a history of suffering from allergies we exposed to a standardized allergen and monitored for an allergic response. Researchers monitored peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF), a measure of nasal patency. Furthermore, participants were asked to rate the severity of their nasal symptoms via a ranking scale. After a 1-week washout period, participants were given a 12 gram dose of MSM powder and exposed to the allergen again. After exposure, researchers again collected PNIF and each study participant’s scaled symptom ratings. Over the next 14 days, each participate was assigned to receive a daily dose of MSM powder equal to 1 gram, 3 grams, or 6 grams. At the end of the 14 days, the testing procedures were performed again by the researchers.

The authors of this study determined that MSM supplementation significantly alleviated the participants’ symptoms without safety concerns. They were able to show that an acute 12 gram dose was highly effective at improving the stuffy nose symptoms that allergies cause, and a 3 gram MSM dose significantly decreased all nasal symptoms and increased PNIF.

Is MSM Safe?

MSM is considered safe for human consumption. Clinical toxicology studies and have reported few, if any, side effects, even at doses much higher than our current dosage recommendations. Of important note is that it has been shown that MSM produces less side effects than prescription medications.

MSM Dosage:

When experiencing symptoms of allergic rhinitis, consider using MSM in conjunction with or as an alternative to medications.

According to the results of this study, when using our MSM powder, you should consider using 12 grams as a one-time, acute dosage to start supplementation followed by 3 grams every day after that. Our product comes with an included 3 gram scoop making it easy to determine your MSM dosage. Day one would be 4 scoops and every day after would be 1 scoop.Watch a video about taking our MSM powder. 

Since our MSM capsules are designed to be easy-swallow sized, you’d need to take 24 capsules to achieve the first day MSM daily dosage recommendation of 12 grams and follow that up by taking 6 capsules each additional day after that. Watch a video about our MSM capsules. 

How long does it take for MSM to work?

The results of this study suggest that while an acute high dose of 12 grams of MSM can significantly improve stuffy nose symptoms of allergies, a long-term daily dose of 3 grams of MSM provided improved nasal breathing as measured by peak nasal inspiratory flow. MSM has been found to enter the bloodstream quickly, but it appears that it may need more than 30 minutes to achieve the potential anti-inflammatory properties that may provide users with relief.

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2 Responses

No Boundaries Health and Wellness
No Boundaries Health and Wellness

May 04, 2019

Hi Sandee! We believe that the results of this study suggest a long term dosage of 3 grams to be more beneficial, but you should follow up with your healthcare provider for specific questions depending on your situation.

Sandee Costanzo
Sandee Costanzo

May 04, 2019

Would I still start with 4 scoops on the first day if I have been taking MSM powder all along. I’m taking 1.8 grams of MSM powder daily.

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