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What are the health benefits of Organic Sulfur? | How Pure MSM can help you.

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What are the health benefits of Organic Sulfur? | How Pure MSM can help you.

 What does Pure MSM Organic Sulfur do exactly?

Sulfur, the human body’s fourth most abundant mineral, cannot be naturally stored within the body. We therefore rely upon our ability to consume enough sulfur within our daily diet to keep us healthy.  Sulfur is integral to many processes within the body as it helps in amino acid production, giving proteins their shape and oxygen transport across cell membranes, all fundamental mechanisms within the physiology of the human body. Sulfur is essential for a healthy body and is now known for providing many benefits, most notably for its ability to support overall joint and cartilage health. Other benefits identified in research include enhanced energy levels, reduction of allergy symptoms as well as providing healthier skin, hair and nails.

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Joint and cartilage integrity

Within joints, sulfur can help to strengthen the tissues that make up joints, making it very important to overall joint health and recovery. More scientifically, research has shown that cartilage and joint integrity is a sulfur-dependent state as certain molecules within joints are linked between two sulfur atoms. Research has shown that as we age, the sulfur content of cartilage decreases which appears to correlate with the degeneration of overall joint health, often times called arthritis.

MSM Organic Sulfur can decrease joint pain

Furthermore, one study has shown that MSM Organic Sulfur supplementation resulted in a 33% decrease in pain, as well as improvements in joint mobility, swelling, global evaluation, and walking time. It's also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties without some of the dangerous side effects NSAIDs may present with such as increased risk of stroke, heart attack, or gastrointestinal bleeding.  

An additional study showed significant reduction in pain as measured by the Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis Index visual analogue scale (WOMAC), an outcome measure commonly used in rehabilitation clinics treating arthritis pain.  

Enhanced energy levels

MSM Organic Sulfur can increase energy and recovery

MSM Organic Sulfur improves recovery from exercise; if utilized correctly, this allows for faster physical gains by limiting time off. By improving blood circulation through dilating blood vessels naturally, oxygen transport to cells is increased, speeding recovery and health.


Pure MSM Organic Sulfur can be an allergy treatment

A preliminary study found that MSM Organic Sulfur supplementationhelped reduce symptoms in people clinically diagnosed with allergies. Moreover, there have not been any reported cases of allergic reactions to organic sulfur in medical literature.

Skin, hair and nail growth and health

Studies suggest that MSM Organic Sulfur may play a vital role in maximizing skin care by providing support for the structural integrity of skin, improving its firmness and elasticity which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

MSM Organic Sulfur is a rich source of sulfur—a key component of both collagen and keratin. Collagen is the foundation of our skin, making up 70% of its dry weight. Likewise, keratin is the vital structural component of both hair and nails.  Without proper supplementation, advanced aging may occur. 

Our MSM Organic Sulfur product may help to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Strengthen the skin’s protective barrier
  • Support the structural integrity of skin
  • Improve skin’s firmness and elasticity
  • Help to grow strong, healthy hair
  • Improve nail health and growth
  • Reduce "leaky gut" syndrome
  • Decrease muscle spasm
  • Block the release of pro-inflammatory mediators within the body
  • Help to decrease pain and soreness

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    NBH&W Admin
    NBH&W Admin

    No Boundaries Health and Wellness started with two passionate doctors of physical therapy. Using their knowledge of science, and harnessing their passion to positively impact their patients' health and wellness journeys, they created the foundation of our company. Years later, No Boundaries Health and Wellness continues their focus on providing proven MSM Organic Sulfur products, and valuable wellness information our customers can benefit from. Thank you, for letting us join you on your health and wellness journey!

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    Stoney Lawson
    Stoney Lawson

    January 14, 2021

    Absolutely the best mineral I’ve taken so far. Not only do you feel the effects of it working on you, you’ll also see the effects working on you. Some amazing stuff.

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