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About Us

Our Quest

No Boundaries Health and Wellness is on a quest to help others remain active and lead a healthy lifestyle, just as we enjoy the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  We believe that pursuing a healthy lifestyle begins with being active, but can be supplemented by pure, all natural products aimed at helping maintain the integrity of our bodies for the long haul. We currently (and proudly!) offer the purest American-made MSM Organic Sulfur on the market as well as a Premium Foot Soak handcrafted for performance. Look out for new or improved products as we continually strive to help you improve your health.  

Our Commitment

Our MSM Organic Sulfur is made right here in the USA. So, we know how and where our product is made. Additionally, our MSM Organic Sulfur is third-party, independently tested and 99.9% pure with no harmful additives, GMOs or other fillers. This unparalleled purity and quality in our products will always hold true. We will not offer any products that we have not sourced ourselves, reviewed independent testing or do not firmly support. Read more about our commitment to purity and quality

Complementing our MSM Organic Sulfur and Premium Foot Soak, we also strive to offer you a range of current exercises and activities that you can build into your daily routine to keep moving forward. Having careers in the medical field and leading active lifestyles, we understand the hindrances individuals may face both physically, externally and mentally in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, we strongly believe that exercise and nutrition are so intertwined that one simply cannot have one without the other in order to lead a healthy life.

As we stated before, we aren’t offering anything that we do not live out. We truly live active lifestyles and consume our product. We enjoy the thought of improving our own lives through nutrition and exercise and are excited for you to begin this journey with us.   

About Our Exercises

When it comes to preventing or recovering from pain, why limit treatment to one approach? We're advocates for multifaceted care and doing everything possible to help people achieve their maximum potential. This treatment approach has recently gained notoriety with its successful outcomes for cancer care at the Cancer Centers of America (http://www.cancercenter.com). Why shouldn't we do the same to prevent or improve joint pain? Especially when that approach may lead to healthier skin and nails, and improved energy levels. For that reason, we've partnered with two leading physical therapists to help provide cutting edge information regarding exercise. 
Dr. Jed
Dr. Jed Droge, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS
Dr. Jed's experience as a board certified orthopaedic physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist not only provides him with unique insight, but has allowed him to work with active individuals of all different ages and skill sets.  He's noticed one common finding among them all. Those who care for their bodies with appropriate activities and practice good recovery techniques are often injured less and have a much better quality of life.   Dr. Sarah also enjoys sharing the extensive knowledge she's gained as a movement expert.  In addition to being a skilled physical therapist, she's an active mother who's always working hard to provide healthy, positive experiences for her family. She's quick to share her insight to other families wanting to enhance their time together. She's also quick to provide parents with tips for protecting their bodies from the additional stresses of raising children.  
Dr. Sarah
Dr. Sarah Droge, PT, DPT
Furthermore both Jed and Sarah participated in collegiate track and field, and understand the demands that athletes put on their bodies.  Sarah participated in a NCAA Division I cross country and track & field program.  Jed was the winner of 6 NCAA Division III Athletic All-American awards in the long jump, 2 ESPN the Magazine Academic All-American awards, and a NCAA post graduate scholarship.  Competing in collegiate athletics has allowed them to understand the importance of both a well rounded exercise program and a good recovery strategy. That's why they'll be working with No Boundaries Health & Wellness to promote a lifestyle that aims to keeps people up, active, and doing what they love.
From time to time Jed and Sarah will be adding blog posts that draw attention to publications or discussions that they feel can help promote the multifaceted lifestyle they believe in. Predominately these will revolve around activities and exercises.  In addition, they'll also be providing some exercise sheets complete with directions and tips on technique.  All of these resources are aimed at increasing your general health literacy and are absolutely FREE. They truly hope that you value the chance to be an active partner in your own health and do all that you can to enhance your own outcomes.   
Both Jed and Sarah have devoted much of their early careers to the physical therapy profession.  Each have served as active members in their state and national associations.  In 2014, Jed was selected as one of 18 members nationwide to be honored with the Emerging Leader Award.  Sarah was bestowed the same award by the American Physical Therapy Association in 2015.  

Dr. Jed Droge, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS Emerging Leader Award            Dr. Sarah Droge, PT, DPT Emerging Leader Award

With their backgrounds in physical therapy, both have a keen interest in human performance and health. Both were collegiate track and field participants and continue to stay active.  They hope to help others advance their fitness level and quality of life.  



Whether it's feedback, questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at: info@organicsulfurhelps.com or by calling us at the following telephone number: 402-937-0690