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Get a "Leg Up" on Cognitive Decline with Leg Strengthening

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Get a "Leg Up" on Cognitive Decline with Leg Strengthening

Increased Leg Power Associated With Slower Cognitive Aging in Women

A new study that found "a striking protective relationship" between aging women's leg power and cognitive changes over 12 years. This could prove very important in women who are looking to protect themselves against cognitive decline as they age. 

The study's researchers analyzed leg muscular power and cognitive performance in healthy female twins, then again in 12 years. They found that the women who had increased leg power at initial testing scored better on tests of brain processing speed and visual memory 12 years later than the women with lower leg power during the first testing. Furthermore, MRI imaging of the participants showed larger gray matter volume in the group with stronger leg musculature during the 12 year follow up. 

By using twins, the authors believe that they were able to show a stronger correlation as they had similar genetic traits and environmental influences.  They claim that this is the first study "linking a power of large leg muscular response to brain changes."

In conclusion, stay strong and active! 

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NBH&W Admin

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