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September 01, 2015


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Looking to extend your life by up to 7 years... EXERCISE!

Brand new research presented Sunday, August 30th, 2015, at the European Society of Cardiology congress is gathering some very exciting attention across the world.  Researchers from Saarland University in Germany introduced a group of individuals to an exercise program.  The results suggest that as little as 25 minutes of exercise per day could add three to seven years to your life! They noted that exercise (specifically endurance and high intensity exercises such as brisk walking or slow jogging) seemed to help trigger an anti-aging effect through DNA repair.  

This seems to be just another example of how exercise can significantly improve your life.  After all, we already know exercise can improve cognitive function, act as an anti-depressant, decrease heart attack and stroke risk, as well as provide many other benefits to our body and mind.  

We believe that  healthy supplementation of MSM Organic Sulfur is a piece of the puzzle for total joint health, as is exercise like the ones we provide for FREE.  

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