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Pain with stairs? It could be the start of knee arthritis!

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Pain with stairs? It could be the start of knee arthritis!

A new study published in Arthritis Care & Researchcould have a huge impact on those individuals who are trying to prevent degeneration of their knees.  According to the study, patient-reported pain during stair navigation can often be linked to developing knee arthritis BEFORE degeneration is displayed on diagnostic imaging, such as x-ray.  Meaning just because your doctors hasn't seen arthritis with an x-ray, that doesn't mean it isn't coming.  

This study, which uses data from over 4,700 individuals, shows that pain with stairs is most likely to be the first symptom reported in people who ultimately had confirmed knee arthritis. Furthermore, using pain during stairs as a screen, it may help to identify those people who could benefit from early interventions to delay or prevent the development of knee arthritis.  

Do you have pain with going up, or more specifically down stairs?  If so, this study should speak volumes to you.  

Exercises have been proven to help with arthritis pain and are consistently considered one of the main staples of treatment in practice guidelines.  

Also, pure MSM Organic Sulfur may improve overall joint health and has been shown to be safe for use. One study has even shown a 33% reduction in pain simply by using it. 

MSM Organic Sulfur may decrease joint pain while performing stairs

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NBH&W Admin
NBH&W Admin

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